A Narrative Seldom Told By Cats

I drove.

It wasn’t anything special.

The process involved the usual sequence of steps I take:

1. Put on my seat belt.

2. Place the key into the ignition.

3. Turn aforementioned key in aforementioned ignition.

4. Listen in awe as the engine roars to life once again.

5. Shift into “D” (an abbreviation of “Drive”, which is what I intended to do).

6. Apply pressure to the accelerator, which is located near my feet, by the floor.

What followed was an unrecorded series of observations and decisions required to safely transport my person from one starting point to an eventual destination. I do not recall those decisions. neither do I remember having a destination in mind.

I just drove. Sometimes on a straight path for hours. Often turns were necessary. Once, a dashboard indicator alerted me to the notion that I must consciously decide to stop lest the vehicle instead make that decision for me.

I acquiesced. Then I repeated the instructions listed above and achieved an expected result.

That’s life on the open road.