Jeremy Ward is a software engineer, board game enthusiast, and sometimes-musician living in St. Paul, MN. Since 2013, he has worked in a variety of agency and product roles, helping individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and large enterprise corporations alike achieve their technical goals primarily within the WordPress and Shopify ecosystems by developing custom plugins, integrations, and themes.

While working in his last agency role, Jeremy developed a small library of PHP interfaces and abstract classes titled OOPS-WP, with the intent of bringing modern object-oriented development approaches to his client work. Before then, he created the Dudley Framework, a patterns library aimed at streamlining custom theme creation by establishing a set of reusable components and their associated metadata.

An advocate of open-source, Jeremy has contributed code to both the WordPress Core and WP-CLI projects, served as a past organizer of Midwest PHP and WordCamp Minneapolis-St. Paul, and has presented at a handful of conferences and local meetups. He is passionate about continuing education and knowledge-sharing, and is constantly looking for ways to help level-up himself, his peers, and his community.

Beyond WordPress, Jeremy enjoys tinkering with other languages, frameworks, and tools, generally relying on the BoardGameGeek API as his source of inspiration. He created a React-based tool to calculate board game scores, and in the spring of 2020, began digging deeper into Python by creating a small app using Flask to download and view his friends’ game collections.

When he’s not writing code or playing board games, Jeremy enjoys watching episodes of Better Call Saul, occasionally picking up a pen to explore his past illustration hobby, taking walks around the neighborhood with his partner, Abby, and spending time with their family friend, a Siberian Forest Cat from Ukraine named Flip.