Annnnd….we’re back!

Testing, testing, is this thing on?

Oh, good! Hello! It’s nice to be back and have a presence on my own site again. Pardon the mess while I get things in order. I have all sorts of news to talk about, including:

  • a run-down of my experience at the recent Midwest PHP Conference┬áthat was held last weekend in St. Paul
  • things I’ve learned about web development since beginning my internship with Room 34 Creative Services
  • this new band I’ve been playing with
  • and more!

Spring break officially started for me this afternoon, and I spent some time today building out this very ugly, very broken, and very incomplete theme (chances are highly likely that if you attempted to visit this page from your RSS feed, you got a message that there was nothing here) and putting my site into a content management system. I’m looking forward to working on it some more over the next week or more so it’s not so hideous (and not so broken, and so there’s actual stuff to share!). In the meantime, I’m headed off to hang out with a long-time friend, but I wanted to write up this quick post to say that I’m back and that I’ll be posting again and cleaning up real soon.