Wet Amends

The scene:
A long, winding road with coniferous trees towering on either side
Fat, slovenly clouds hang overhead, graying with perspiration
A black tunnel, built with bricks and the sweat of men, looms at the end of the S-curved road
You lean in, and it envelopes you
You lean further, and it smothers you
The tunnel ends, and you wake up

Outside, it is raining
People dressed in black hoist black umbrellas high above their heads,
As if to salute your unwavering courage
Wearing your finest threads,
You look up at them,
And they look down at you
They look down on you

A Joy Ride, You Know

The memory is cloudy;

The weatherman,
Oh the weatherman,
Calls for 53 and a 40% chance of precipitation

Sandra, my clothes are wet
You cling like burrs to a critter
The top is down
And as the wind whips my face
A night watchman stirs

Seconds later,


Looking across the table
Through the smoke of your cigarette, smoldering
Cloudy, ashen, and gray
Your face is leather
Cracked and scarred and worn from the years

I touch it,
And you disappear


Pure, unadulterated joy
Holding you within fuzzy-sweatered arms
smelling of flowers, perfume, and gin
You run like a spastic child in a field of lilacs

Spring winks and cynics crumble
Shooting beams of light in all directions
Your pores gleam like LEDs
Your flesh cracks
And your body explodes in waves of phosphorescence

You laugh,
and I crack a crooked smile

You laugh,
and I am radiant

You laugh,
and I laugh.

Until the stars swallow us whole.


The situation is serious
I apologize for the delay, we’ve just received word
Please be discrete

The judgment is forthcoming
Has the jury reached a verdict?

“Yes, yes we have, your honor.”

Good. Too good.

Three of us are seated hip-to-hip in the back seat
in bumper-to-bumper traffic
in August
in the dog days of summer
Rush hour in Los Angeles
Rush hour in New York
Rush hour in Any-God-Damned-Town
Rush hour in Africa

The temperature is 101 degrees
The situation has escalated
I’ve broken a sweat

It’s beautiful, and I’m delirious

The radio crackles
The verdict is read

The situation is serious