We’re moving! Need some stuff?

Update: April 10 – more stuff!

Abby and I are in the process of buying our first home, and we’ve got a bunch of stuff that we either don’t want or need anymore, or we’re planning on upgrading after we move into our new place. Does anyone want any of this stuff? If so, get in touch, let me know what you’d like, and we’ll arrange a time for you to pick up. Everything must go! Best offers accepted, but really, not having to move this stuff is better than cash, so if you want something, drop me a line.

Here are a bunch of photos of things! I’ll update this page with more goods once I get photos, and will take things off as they go.

Griffin Laptop Stand

Raise your laptop off of your desk surface with this stand!

Men’s “Il Pompino” On One bicycle

I received this bike as payment for developing the Behind Bars website way back in 200…5? Single speed. It’s functional, but I’ve had some problems with it, and last time I rode it, I had to tear off the front fender because it caught on the bike wheel when I was trying to ride down the pedestrian ramp from the Hennepin Avenue bridge down to River Road. This would be good for someone who wants a decent bike frame and has the interest or knowhow in working on a little project.

Acer Aspire One netbook

The laptop that put me through college, purchased new in 2010. 11.5 inch screen. Upgraded to a 128GB solid state hard drive and 4GB of RAM, it currently has Linux Mint installed on it and needs some additional drivers for the touch pad. Comes with a Logitech bluetooth mouse, a carrying case, and the original packaging.

Ikea Lack table (2)

Not much to say here – some wear and tear, but it will hold your drink.

Ikea Lack coffee table

Another old Lack table with some wear and tear. I think the bottom shelf is held up by a pin of some sort. I wouldn’t be surprised if this winds up in the garbage, but it’s yours if you want it!

Some super old, ugly, pink chair

I got this all the way back in 2003 when I lived on Selby Avenue the first time. It was pink, ugly, and stained then, and it’s pink, ugly, and stained now. Abby hates this chair. I think it’s fine – it does the job. It doesn’t recline, and it doesn’t look good, but it will hold you up if you sit on it. Perfect for your garage or other unsightly hangout spot.

A bookshelf (books, coffee, yoga mat, and iPhone not included)

It’s old and we don’t want it anymore. Our loss is your gain!

Logitech bluetooth keyboard w/ case/tablet stand

I bought this at a time in my life when I thought I’d want to control an Android table with a keyboard. What was that about?

First(?) generation Apple bluetooth keyboard

Look how dirty this thing is. It could be yours! Requires three AA batteries, not two like the later model, and not none like the rechargeable one that’s available today. This probably only connects to older Macs. Electronic recycling bound?

Straight-up broken things

This sad lamp

It used to provide light, but now it’s just broken and we don’t want it. Know how to fix it or want to learn how? This is your golden opportunity!

Technics FGServo SL-BD22 Automatic Turntable

This thing crapped out on me the day we moved into our current apartment, nearly 6 years ago. It needs a new motor. Maybe you want to put one in, or maybe you just want the shell because the one on your current turntable is broken. Or maybe you’d rather throw it in electronic recycling instead of me.

A pile of cracked Zildjian cymbals (cardboard box not included)

I’ve broken a bunch of cymbals in my time – several 21″ Sweet Rides, one or two 19″ Z-Series crash cymbals, and that pair of 14″ projection hi-hats you see on top. Maybe you play drums and just need some junk to bang on, maybe you’re teaching your kid how to play and don’t want them to use something nice until they learn the basics. Maybe you make sculpture art and want to melt this all down and repurpose it. Whatever the case, I have them, and maybe you want them!

More stuff!

Huge filing cabinet for your entire life’s files!

I don’t know exactly how many files this holds. But, if you come take this away from us, you can fill it up yourself, have some friends over, then do one of those guessing games where everyone writes down a number on a slip of paper with a guess as to how many files are in it. If their guess is closest, they win a prize! Maybe the prize will be this filing cabinet sometime down the road when you decide you don’t want to move it either. Pay it forward.

An Ikea Bookshelf

This thing has hung in our bathroom for the last 7 years, keeping hoisted items such as Q-Tips, mouthwash, and shaving equipment, not the books, candles, and tiny little ceramic pig you see staged here. The staging is meant to make you want to have this hanging over your own toilet. Maybe you want to read about baking bread while making a loaf of your own? Books, candle, and other ephemera not included.

Stereo Speaker x2

I literally can’t tell you anything about these speakers. I looked behind the back of the one pictured and all I saw was where I connected the wires when we moved into our current place six years ago, which is the last time I’ve actually needed these. Remember the broken turntable a few items ago? It died on move-in day, 2011. Nowadays, I just connect my iPad to the stereo and play it through these speakers, but that’s pretty dumb. We’re probably just going to go fully digital when we move.

Anyway, if you want to come check these out to see if might want them for your own place, hit me up.

Accountant’s(?) Desk

It should go without saying, but computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse not included. This desk was gifted (sold?) to me by Martha Weir way back in 2008, so it’s got some Twin Cities music heritage. It’s been Abby’s workstation for the bulk of that time, one of the handful of places where she cut her teeth learning to become a badass graphic designer. Basically, it’s magic. Lots of storage space for your gadgets, wires, and doodads, and a solid surface for working on your next creative endeavor.

A Drafting Table

I have owned this thing for. eh. ver. Seriously, like 17 years or more. I used to play Nintendo Gamecube games on it on a little 5 1/2″ monitor. Sometimes I drew on it, but not really. Abby eventually used it a bunch when she was in art school, but neither one of us uses it now. It just takes up space. But oh, it’s fully adjustable and the seat is not really all that comfortable but it’s the right height. Come take it away and give it your time.