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2016: Better Late Than Never

Oh, hey. I launched a little redesign of this site at the end of 2015, placing my blog front-and-center with the idea that I’d suddenly catch writing fever and generate all sorts of content. It’s mid-March, so I guess we’ll call that little experiment a failure. 2016 goal: do better. A lot has been happening, too. […]

Assessing One’s Own Skill Set

Some backstory to this post I’m in the process of redesigning this website to put more focus on my web development capabilities, highlight some projects I’ve worked on, and otherwise showcase just how much I’ve learned since earning my computer programming degree a mere two and a half years ago. Before enrolling in an academic […]

The Never-Ending Quest for Improvement

Well, here were are again – August. The time of year when summer is winding down, and everyone is racing to soak in the last of the abundant sunshine before our too-short autumn passes and winter takes hold. I, for one, couldn’t be more delighted. Fall and winter to me means board games, obsessing over […]


Talking about setting goals isn’t the same as the actual setting of those goals, but allow me to venture down that path briefly. For me, 2014 was lousy in terms of achieving goals. At the start of the year, I had set forth to achieve the following items: Complete the Spanish track on Duolingo.com Read […]

The Second of a Twice-yearly Check-in

I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘crazy’ past 6 months, but life has ramped up a bit and, as usual, I haven’t bothered to write about any of it in this space. It’s probably for the best. Here are a couple of exciting things that have occurred since the last time I wrote: 1. I got […]