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Then Comes Dudley

In the process of building custom WordPress themes for various clients over the past few years, I slowly came to realize just how much boilerplate plumbing I’d been doing from project to project. A theme calls for a big hero image with a catchy headline and an intriguing call to action? Make it so. How […]

On Working Remotely

I have been working remotely for nearly 15 months, almost as long as it’s been since I last wrote in this blog. For many who commute five days a week to their employer’s office, working from home sounds like a dream. In a lot of ways, it is. Once you do the math, you realize […]

2016: Better Late Than Never

Oh, hey. I launched a little redesign of this site at the end of 2015, placing my blog front-and-center with the idea that I’d suddenly catch writing fever and generate all sorts of content. It’s mid-March, so I guess we’ll call that little experiment a failure. 2016 goal: do better. A lot has been happening, too. […]

Assessing One’s Own Skill Set

Some backstory to this post I’m in the process of redesigning this website to put more focus on my web development capabilities, highlight some projects I’ve worked on, and otherwise showcase just how much I’ve learned since earning my computer programming degree a mere two and a half years ago. Before enrolling in an academic […]